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624Announcing....the exciting new autobeedryer!

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  • Sam Droege
    Mar 31, 2009


      Each year there seems like yet more exciting advances in the art of washing and drying wet bees.  This year's advance is the:...


      Yes, you can put in a batch of bees into one of these beauties, walk away, have a martini or catch up on the Kafka novel you have been reading and friends, when you are done, your bees will come out dry fluffy and ready for pinning or storage.  No longer must you hear the sighs of the lab assistant when she or he has to dry yet another batch of your bees the old-fashioned way!  NO, the new AUTOBEEDRYER let's you, the supervisor, dry bees the modern way.  

      After years of research and experimental work we are announcing the product today.  For a limited time only, the design, theoretical explanation, and instructions are available to you free.  No patent involved.

      You can create the autobeedryer of your dreams by following the simple instructions found at:


      or you can download the Power Point version at:


      Feel free to modify, repackage, and use however you like.

      Thank you.

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