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60Re: [beemonitoring] Bombus-GroundIvy Connection?

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  • Thomas of Baltimore
    Dec 28, 2006
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      I am not suggesting that wholesale eradication of non-native plants will automatically result in extirpation of local bee species but I do am suggesting that in the absence of wholescale replacement of my local non-native dominated plantscape with a comparable and sustainable plantscape dominated by natives would unnecessarily compromise the stability of my local bee diversity.
      I am suggesting that the presence of the non-native plants at my local scale has served to bridge the survival of my local bee species into the present.  Knowing this does not give me the luxury to be so cavalier in my attitudes toward "non-native" species.  In fact, this has made me appreciate and respect them more!
      Do you not see the bias against non-natives that so obviously infects the quote chosen for your signature?   What kind of thinking sees a parallel between a kind of human pathology (often impoverishment) and Cirsium arvense (Canada Thistle), for example?
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