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  • Nikki Thompson
    Feb 4, 2009
      I appreciate all these comments since I'll be making a small
      presentation on native bees to our honey beekeeping group, BUMBA, tomorrow.
      I want to suggest that even couch-potato gardeners who have to mow
      their lawns might consider other approaches to that space. Clover fixes
      nitrogen and would survive a closer cropping than vetch (which could be
      allowed to cover slopes). I'd always assumed it was the petro-chemical
      establishment that had convinced us that a mono-culture lawn was what we
      should all aspire to have.
      Those with orchards have other issues. It may be the same line of
      thought, that plants other than the usual lawn grasses, would make more
      useful ground cover for those spaces.
      Also other ground covers such as ajuga can be promoted for lawns.
      Home owners, city councils, homeowner assocs., must understand that it's
      ok to have that space be a bit tatty now and then. Also, 8 inches is
      more than I see on most lawns. Nikki Thompson