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554Apidae Identification, Part 2 now uploaded

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  • Sam Droege
    Jan 26, 2009


      The second half of our Apidae presentation is now up on the web:


      Note that the first part is not yet done, but that's the next project.

      That clever Jim Cane also pointed out how I could decrease the file size of the presentations and I have done so and uploaded new downloadable versions at:



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      In the leaf's veins and midrib,
      the mushroom's gill: no irony.

      In the stamen and pistil,
      the pip of the grape, making

      occurs without suffering,
      one is led to suppose.

      When the fawn sprawled in a thicket
      stiffens, a council of birds

      descends and pecks
      until its chest is crimson.

      The badger's project
      is isolation: he knows

      only to burrow and sleep,
      while the spider spins

      in a web wider, more intricate
      than his, though this crisis

      does not cross his mind.
      He proceeds without comment.

      Then what is one to do
      on a night like this, bright almost

      as day, when the lavender moon,
      burdened with light,

      is near enough to brush
      the trees and power lines, when this fern

      rooted at the road's edge
      casts the shadow of an infant's ribs?

      Chris Forhan

      P Please don't print this e-mail unless really needed.