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537RE: [beemonitoring] pan trapping vs malaise trapping for pollinator inventories

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  • Bev Smith
    Jan 7, 2009
      In my research work from 1999-2001, I used malaise traps.  It tends to collect a lot of Bombus and halictids, at least in my area.  I did not use the pan trapping in my research.  The malaise traps were more convenient in the area I was collecting, and they generated a lot of specimens for me.  I was mostly concentrating on the host plants, but this supplied me with some bees that I had not collected on vegetation.  I used a modified version of Townes. 

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      Beverly Smith

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      Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 08:12:23 -0700
      Subject: [beemonitoring] pan trapping vs malaise trapping for pollinator inventories

      Hi All,

      I have looked at earlier studies where malaise traps were used to collect flying insects as part of montane pollinator studies.  Are malaise traps still used or have pantraps and netting been deemed a suitable replacement? .  I know you can buy a lot a small plastic cups for the price of a malaise trap.

      Thanks  a lot,

      Dave Smith

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