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  • Liz Day
    Dec 10, 2008
      Hi Sam,

      See inserted in ALL CAPS below.

      General Look and Feel..... around; told from the similar looking
      bumblebees by the combination of all black abdomen (X. virginica has
      scattered and sometimes hard to see yellow hairs at the base) and
      THAT those hairs present on the abdomen are sparse enough to clearly
      see the shining integument (skin) below; most males with a white spot
      on their face; when resting, Xylocopa hold their wings splayed some
      to the sides (resembling swept-backjet fighter wings), not neatly
      overlapped down the back like bumblebees.

      I would not describe the yellow hairs at the base as "scattered" -
      they seem pretty uniform to me.
      Looking at specimens, I'd say the base of T1 is sparsely but
      uniformly covered with dull yellow hairs.
      "Scattered" suggests that some parts of this area have more hair or
      less hair than others, but that is not the case, from what I can tell.


      Liz Day
      3221 Merrick Ln. 3B
      Indianapolis, IN 46222 USA