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48Re: [beemonitoring] Bombus-GroundIvy Connection?

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  • Liz Day
    Dec 21, 2006
      >That's interesting that bees of all those proboscis lengths will use the
      >same flower. Quantitative data on frequency of use by each of those
      >species would be interesting. Bumble bees will investigate a wide range of
      >flowers, in my experience, but typically settle quickly on those that are
      >a good morphological match and rewarding.

      I would guess they are short of food in early spring and desperate for
      anything with nectar. Often in early spring I have walked around urban
      areas and there is very little of *anything* in bloom (at least on the
      ground; there may be bleeding sap or nectar/pollen in some trees).

      Liz Day
      Indianapolis Indiana USA
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