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453RE: [beemonitoring] Bibliography and Summary of Bee Bowl and Related Trapping Techniques for Bees

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  • Cane, Jim
    Oct 20, 2008

      Sam- I’ve attached a file with the extra refs that I have from a much larger European (esp Polish) literature that has used pan trapping for decades, plus others scattered around in Europe, here and South America .  I don’t enter most of it unless the objective was of interest.


      Curious that you should send this now, Sam, for last week, I was talking with the editor of the J Kansas Ent Soc, Larry Kipp.  He asked if I would be interested in kicking off a new series of invited review papers with one on sampling methods for bees.  They would waive page charges.  I don’t feel that I have the expertise with enough methods, nor the depth of evaluation experience that you have with pan trapping in particular, which I’d expect to be a big part of any such review.  Would you like me to suggest you as a potential author?







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