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448RE: [beemonitoring] Re: Regarding green house plants for bumblee bees and honey bees

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  • Liz Day
    Oct 5, 2008
      >>.....on a lot of their fronds, but the wildpepermint plants are still (10/4/08) growing vines, growing those light lavender flowers.

      >>> I'm confused by your suggestion of wild peppermint. In MD, I rarely see any member of the mint family in bloom at this time of year. Also your use of the word vine has me confused because there is nothing about peppermint that could be what I call a vine.

      The peppermint I'm familiar with (a garden plant; don't know its origin) does put out runners that snake out in all directions over the ground. The runners don't climb, but they do remind one of vines in their appearance, vigor and speed.

      Liz D.
      Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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