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445Re: Regarding green house plants for bumblee bees and honey bees

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  • icecilliate123
    Oct 4, 2008
      - Hello Raj, I suggest your project look at using specimens of wild
      pepermint. I reside NY/NJ border highlands, Ramapo Mts near Hudson
      River (just visit:GoogleMaps and with:hybrid-sattelite view setting,
      zoom in on Harriman State Park,NY,US).

      Not knowing your locale/climate zone, I sure hope you have access
      to :wild pepermint plants(such a problem with invassive species
      globally...guess your native plant selections determined by your

      In our always near untamed backyard herb gardens, fennel used to
      be the big attractor for so many wasp species,flies, and hornets, and
      bees. Once my outdoor aquariums with flowing water 'bio-
      filters'/tank-wetlands..were setup using native wetland wild
      pepermint,fern,cattail plantings...all sorts of polinators/green
      bottle flies...all constantly visit the soft lavender wildpepermint
      flowers..some of the bumblebees stay motionless for long time on the
      leaves of the wildpepermint plants. The ferns are starting to brown
      on a lot of their fronds, but the wildpepermint plants are still
      (10/4/08) growing vines, growing those light lavender flowers.

      Raj, it would be of intrest if you have time soon, start a Photo
      alblum in this forum, with your project startup...many 'outhere'
      cheer your studies...and we all would love to follow the project.

      charlie guevara NJ,US

      -- In beemonitoring@yahoogroups.com, "Rajwinder Singh" <rus169@...>
      > Hi everybody
      > My name is Raj Singh and I am graduate student.. we are conducting
      a green
      > house experiment using both honey bees and bumblee bees (Bombus
      > terrestris)... can any body suggest us some potted flowering plants
      that we
      > can use as a pollen source for both honey bees and bumble bees at
      this time
      > of the year... and that we can easily get from the market...
      > Thanks
      > --
      > Rajwinder Singh
      > Phd candidate
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