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417Re: [beemonitoring] Regarding green house plants for bumblee bees and honey bees

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  • Mary_Willeford_Bair@nps.gov
    Aug 19 8:35 AM
      Babikow.com out of Baltimore, MD still had plenty of plants available last
      time I checked. The ones we purchased late July (Echinacea, Coreopsis,
      etc.) were in excellent condition and only $2.00 each (wholesale price).
      The delivery price was also reasonable, at least to the Washington DC area.


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      "Rajwinder Singh"
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      beemonitoring@yaho Subject: [beemonitoring] Regarding green house plants for bumblee bees and honey bees

      08/19/2008 10:21
      AM AST
      Please respond to

      Hi everybody

      My name is Raj Singh and I am graduate student.. we are conducting a green house
      experiment using both honey bees and bumblee bees (Bombus terrestris)... can any
      body suggest us some potted flowering plants that we can use as a pollen source
      for both honey bees and bumble bees at this time of the year... and that we can
      easily get from the market...
      Rajwinder Singh
      Phd candidate
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