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3486Bee story from West Quoddy, Maine

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  • Hanson, Trish
    Aug 15, 2014
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      Dear Members of the Beemonitoring group,


      I’m forwarding this story on behalf of Betty Gilbert, a member of the Vermont Entomological Society.  Though you may not be familiar with the area she describes, many of you can likely help answer the questions she poses.  Kindly include her e-mail address if you respond.


      Thank you,





      Good morning,

          A few days ago, I rekindled my interest in insects with a visit from Trish Hanson.  She  gave me your contact information.

          I’ve long remembered an incident with a bee at West Quoddy, ME.   You probably know the area. From the car park one can take a path paralleling the shore to a site where one looks down into the water and south along the coast.  A few years ago I was walking slowly and quietly along the path.  I got perhaps half way along and heard a bee approaching.  I could see it coming along the path where I’d come, perhaps about half way.  I was amazed at seeing a bumblebee coming along a very dark path through the spruce forest.  (really quite dark)  I waited and watched as it flew directly to a small (two foot) shrub by the path that I hadn’t noticed.  He went back the way he’d come (to the north) and I went over to the plant to find a Lonicera canadensis in flower.  How often do insects explore “unsuitable environment?”  He had obviously been there before.  I would never have guessed that any insect might go down that long dark tunnel.  How often does this happen, or to put it another way, does this story surprise you?

          Trish, my computer and I are not in synch.  Would you please forward this.

          Yours, Betty Gilbert





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