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3399Bombus occidentalis, help please

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  • McMahon, Timothy
    Jun 13, 2014

      Last week I participated in a “The California Native Bees:  Biology, Ecology and Identification” class offered from the Jespon Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley (absolutely fantastic class).  At this class we heard from a small group, headed by Will Peterman, that was starting up a field research on two species of bumble bees that are in serious decline or gone out west.  This group has found two sites where one of the species (Bombus occidentalis) has been found again and they are hoping to get a field team together to gather data this summer.  They are looking for contributions to aid in the gathering of the data, as the laboratory work will be done by a USDA group.  Please go to the below sites and consider giving a contribution.  I believe it will be very worthwhile. 




      And the Indiegogo campaign page:




      Please help spread the word, especially about the Indiegogo campaign!  The more they can raise by the end of June, the more effective the summer campaign will be.  They need to be fairly close to their funding goal by the beginning of July in order to plan to reach any of the sites at the northern end of their range.  (It takes a lot of gas to get to Alaska.)  Also, if they end up cancelling the project, you get you contributions back.


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