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327bees and flowers?

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  • martinholdrege
    Jun 10, 2008
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      Sam and others:

      I am helping with a small native bee research project in upstate New
      York focusing on farms. I would like to collect data on flowering
      plant abundance and diversity around the bee bowl transects. I will be
      putting out bowls in crop fields (when the crops are in flower) and in
      more natural on farm habitats. I want to do this to see whether there
      is a measurable correlation between bee and wildflower
      abundance/diversity. For example, would it be possible to collect this
      flowering plant data within 20 meters of the transects (recording
      relative abundance of the spp. present). I would like to do this in a
      way that is practical considering time constraints yet is still
      useful. Considering this, within how large of an area around the
      transect would it be wise to survey for the flowering plants?

      Also, when doing 10-minute visual surveys of bees by crops/wildflowers
      is it advisable to just record the bees that are observed on the
      flowers themselves. Or also the ones that are flying around the
      flowers but are not actually on the flowers. I would also like to
      collect the above mentioned flower data around where I am doing the
      visual surveys.

      Thank You,
      Martin Holdrege