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323Re: [beemonitoring] Re: The Soap Collecting Jar

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  • OOWONBS@Netscape.net
    Jun 6, 2008
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      Is this valid for bees that have been in soapy water "all day,"
      bounced around in a shirt pocket, or just those... "under an hour?"

      Also, if my observation is correct, congrats on the best
      self-contained post, not requiring a Reply-To tag-a-log, much less,
      multiples tag-a-longs, as observed, (and as noted by YahOops
      auto-count of 11 messages in this Digest, below noted,)
      though the Digest enumerated just 5. (I think they missed
      some that were stuck together, LOL! )

      Your post was the most eeasily, observed...! ;>)))

      >Sam et al.

      >RE washing pollen off of soapy water collected bees. It takes some
      efforts to shake up these bees in soapy water for washing off the
      Vigorous shaking for at least one minute, and that doesn't always do
      it. If
      one is just netting a bee and dropping it into soapy water for killing,
      I doubt
      you would lose all of the pollen. Maybe a pellet, yes, but not whats
      in the

      >Anita Collins
      >USDA, ARS retired

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