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  • Joan Meiners
    Feb 14, 2014



      I should perhaps clarify that I am a Logan Bee Lab student and will be working on a grant with a lab at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  I will have access to some of their lab supplies, and am only trying to ship materials that are specific to my project or that they requested I bring.  I was hoping to cover all my bases and take advantage of the wealth of experience on this list serve by conferring with US scientists who have navigated some of these issues in Israel already.  And I've already received a few helpful responses!




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      Hi all,


      I am soon to depart for my first international collecting adventure, and am looking for some advice from those who have done bee work in Israel.  I am soliciting advice on the following three topics in particular, but would appreciate general tips as well.  I have done some online research on these topics, but figure this experienced group is as good a resource as any for getting reliable answers to these questions:


      1) Shipping supplies: I would like to ship some supplies ahead of myself to Israel, but am nervous about things getting held up in customs and wonder if it might be safer to try to fly with it?  My items are pretty benign, including things like chemical grade fructose and sucrose in original containers (opened), collecting bags, pins, and field boxes.  I'm not trying to take killing jars or harmful chemicals, but still wonder if it's risky to send things through the mail and how specific I need to be on customs forms about product origins, etc.


      2) Collecting permits: I will be trying to establish collecting sites in more natural/protected areas surrounding Jerusalem.  Does anyone have experience with what it might be like for me to just start tagging plants in a field and collecting bees vs. who I might need to talk to in order to get collecting permits for these open areas?  (And if anyone has ideas/directions for specific locations that fit the description, that would be great too!)


      3) Import permits: I will be trying to ship specimen back to the US from Israel.  I know this happens all the time, but was wondering if anyone has advice for how to make this process as smooth as possible.


      Probably best to reply to me directly so we don't bother everyone with a string of answers to my specific concerns.




      Joan Meiners

      Graduate Research Assistant

      Utah State University

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