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31Common Bees of Washington D.C. - And a call for similar lists

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  • Sam Droege
    Dec 19, 2006


      Attached is a list of the common bees of the Washington D.C. area, based on our surveys over the past several years.  While we do plan to publish a complete list at some point, you know how that goes, there is always another bee to find, and old specimens to track down and verify.  In the meantime, after a few years it becomes clear what the generally common species are.  That list is very useful to those just beginning to do ecological, inventory, monitoring, or research work.  

      Consequently, I would like to challenge the other bee researchers out there to do something similar for their research regions or where they live.  Format doesn't really matter.  Although I don't have a web site where we can post such things I bet Gretchen LeBuhn or someone else does.....

      Just think about how handy that list would have been when you started.....



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