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Hymenoptera in Galapagos

  • Stuart Roberts
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      Hi everyone
      I received the message below from a good friend, Hugues Mouret who is looking for some help with information on the Hymenoptera of the Galapagos Islands. His request is below..... if anyone can help please contact Hugues directly at hugues.mouret@... as he is not a subscriber to this Yahoo Group
      "In a few words, I came as a volunteer (until middle of February) to help Henri Herrera, Curator of the Terrestrial Invertebrates Museum in the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF), in the Galapagos Archipelago. Henri mainly works on ants and coordinates the invertebrates inventory.
      After gathering and mounting insect specimens, I'm in charge of their determination (families, sub-families, tribes, genus and if I can, species). This is, I really know, a huge challenge.
      In France, I mainly work on Apoidea (bees, sphecids and crabronids), some Vespoidea (wasps, Pompilidae, Mutillidae...) and some other groups.
      As you can easily understand, neotropical insects are a real new world for me and in the CDF we are very poor in entomological references, like books or identification keys, other than ants (we have very mean resources).
      Otherwise, as you know, the Galapagos Archipelago has still an important unknown fauna, specially concerning Hymenoptera and if some species could be native even endemic, some others may be (accidently or not) introduced in the islands. It seems that a lot of them could arrive from central America.
      I am already using :
      - "Hymenoptera of the World", Henri Goulet John & T. Huber, to ID families and sub-families.
      - "Introduccion a los Hymenoptera de la Region Neotropical", F. Fernandes & M.J. Sharkey, to ID families, sub-families and some genus (but it is in spanish and unfortunately "no hablo español").
      - and "Wasps, bees and ants of Costa Rica" from Jesus A. Ugalde, an introduction to Hymenoptera families.
      Even if those books are very interesting and detailed works, it is surely not enough to determine most of the genus and of course the species I gather here. Therefor I'm looking for other documents and it led me to contact you.
      To summarize, we are looking for keys (genus and species) of central and south America Hymenoptera. I also could largely benefit from relationships with experts and specialists that could help me out sorting some particular species. So, would it be possible :
      → To have some available (digital or not) documents that I could use ?
      → That I ask you (or some of your colleagues) some questions about difficulties I meet in the specimen's ID ?
      → Can you even put me in contact with other hymenopterists that could help me in this quest ?
      I believe all of this could appear as strange demands, but I'm looking everywhere to find some help and to progress in the knowledges of Galapagueños Hymenoptera, and I am really having a hard time finding help."
      Many thanks for your help


      Stuart Roberts
      Chairman BWARS