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3094Impact of metal contamination on bees

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  • Droege, Sam
    Dec 13, 2013

      Below is the first article I am aware of that looks at metal contamination in bees in this case Selenium.

      It is worth noting that in addition to the usual contaminated mining and smelter sites there are other possible avenues for bees to pick up such contamination in urban and agriculture settings.  

      I know that in organic farming circles the use of metal based treatments of copper and sulphur are on the up and it might become an issue, particularly if the residues accumulate or are long-lived.



      This is how you live when you have a cold heart.
      As I do: in shadows, trailing over cool rock,
      under the great maple trees.

      The sun hardly touches me.
      Sometimes I see it in early spring, rising very far away.
      Then leaves grow over it, completely hiding it. I feel it
      glinting through the leaves, erratic,
      like someone hitting the side of a glass with a metal spoon.

      Living things don't all require
      light in the same degree. Some of us
      make our own light: a silver leaf
      like a path no one can use, a shallow
      lake of silver in the darkness under the great maples.

      But you know this already.
      You and the others who think
      you live for truth and, by extension, love
      all that is cold.

      - Louise Gluck

      Bees are Not Optional
      Ong là không bắt buộc
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