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3067RE: [beemonitoring] Re: pollination improves strawberry shelf life

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  • Stoner, Kimberly
    Dec 4, 2013

    Hi all,

    I have attached a paper addressing that question.



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    On 12/4/13 10:18 AM, Peter Bernhardt wrote:


    Considering the physical size of strawberry flowers one wonders whether cross-pollinated fruit set in domesticated strawberries would be higher when pollinated by small, native bees or by commercial honeybees?  Do honeybees carrying pollen "hit" the tiny stigmas in each flower as often and as thoroughly as tiny, solitary bees?


    This probably depends on whether the flowers are self-compatible. If so, then any visitor that moves around on the flower is likely to pollinate. If not, then honeybees, by virtue of grooming pollen into the corbicula, are probably less likely (on average) to have free grains of pollen un-groomed that can carry over from one plant to another. The entire ventral surface of a typical halictid or andrenid carries pollen - LOTS of it - which must certainly increase the probability of cross-fertilization.


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