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3047Engineering issues-Compound eyes

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  • Richard Patrock
    Dec 2, 2013
      Compound Eyes - A dead-end design compared to lens based ones?

      A nice title to draw the engineers in.  Then you can show how there is tremendous variation on the compound eye, and it is a visual platform that has certain advantages over our single lens system.  First, these are extremely useful in detecting motion. Each has a small angle of acuity, something breaks the line and there can be an immediate reflexive trigger, not based on higher level processing:  imagine a compound field cam!  Two, you might remind them that the biggest telescope mirrors are not single units but compound, so the biggest and smallest eyes, so to speak are compound.  Third, an insect wouldn't find a Three Stooges skit very funny because, the multiplicity of sensors allows for redundancy in case of damage, which is a feature that engineers love. Fourth, show them this camera-http://mappingignorance.org/2013/05/27/a-new-type-of-arthropod-inspired-cameras/.  

      I am sure they will love bees when you are finished.  Sock it to 'em!  



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