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30Re: [beemonitoring] New - Guide to U.S. and Canadian Bees of the Genus Perdita

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  • frozenbeedoc@cs.com
    Dec 16, 2006
      Dear Sam,

      heard a good talk by your student, with Dewey, on the traps in various parts of the Delmarva.  Also one by the lady working with Bill Stevens in Oregon.  They seem to have good results, but the trap is expensive. 

      Could you resend the information you sent me while I was visiting?  I haven't used my personal e-mail for work before, and find that it deletes the messges quickly, unlike the ARS site.  So I lost those two.  We were especially interested in the light source for microscopes.  And I want to enroll in the spring ID course. 

      I've a call in to Keith Bildstein at Hawk Mt, but nothing set up yet. 

      I am really psyched about getting this survey/monitoring rolling.  I've wanted to do more with native bees in this area for some time.  So thanks so much for your mentoring.

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