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2999colour of newly emerged B impatiens

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  • Hicks, Barry
    Nov 5, 2013



      We are looking through the remains of some commercially supplied B. impatiens colonies.  We know that there are several native species that go inside these nests (direct observations).  What they are doing in there we don’t know. Upon teardown of the nests,  Bombus ternarius  is the most common native species in the nests.  We also saw B. terricola in there as well. 


      On to my question.  What do newly emerged B. impatiens look like.  We have some bees that have white pile on T1 but then with the rest of the abdominal terga with a light orange pile (reminding us of B. ternarius).  Is it possible that the newly emerge B. impatiens pile changes colour over time (ie the white on T1 become yellowish while the rest of the pile becomes black)?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      Barry Hicks 

      Newfoundland, Canada

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