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  • Charles Guevara
    Oct 19, 2013
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    Hello, here in central NY, I notice gatherings of 'bumble bees' on my rasberry bushes...they are lethargic at times..they seem to be feeding  'on the left-overs' where berries once were attached to the bush.
       charlie guevara/fingerlakes,NY

    On Friday, October 18, 2013 6:47 PM, "Pollinator@..." <Pollinator@...> wrote:

     I just posted photos on my Facebook page of a couple B. impatiens males, one in a morning glory, and the other on a marigold. Both are apparently sleeping (though they will feebly raise a leg, as if in protest, if you wave your fingers close to them). The last generation of bees for the season are the queens to lay over for the winter, and the drones to mate with them. So they are sleeping in the flowers, waiting for their queen.

    My theory is that they wait there, rather than in the nest, to reduce the chances of mating with a sister.

    Dave Green
    Retired pollination contractor
    Coastal SC

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    >I am noticing many bumble bees (i THINK they are B. impatiens males) on various asters and sunflowers in peoples' yards in Sharon, MA. They don't appear to be moving all that much(now around 5 pm), and are resting on top of the flowers. Some have their tongues out probing but some do not. A couple hours ago they seemed much more active. 
    >Could anyone shed light on this behavior?



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