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  • Hamblin, April
    Sep 22, 2013
      Dear Bee Fellows:

      Thank you for all of the suggestions of plants you sent me. Here is what has been suggested to me so far:

      Most suggested cucurbits, but others were also melons (more diverse bees first ones), pumpkins, squash, Chaste tree (genus Vitex), Dandelions, mints, spearmint, Coreopsis verticillata, Monarda spp. or Pycnanthemum spp, sunflower cultigens, canola or one of the true mustards (seeds grown for oil or condiments) (last two might be too small for bumble bees, no sure),, Watermelons, Apples, monoecious or dioecious plants, blooming radish, clover, tulip poplar, and redbud trees.

      I am not sure which to use yet, but appreciate these suggestions.

      I am sort of having a difficult time with my first semester of graduate school trying to figure out what to research in urban areas, but I will be sure to update everyone and try to get more advice when I have more solid questions to ask. Thank you all so much for your time!

      Sincerely, April Hamblin (609)513-3930