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289Re: [beemonitoring] Hymenoptera Catalog for North America north of Mexico now Online

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  • Sam Droege
    May 5, 2008
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      Thanks Jack:

      Good point I was a little to quick on my "fix" for the Catalog.  One could use the list of names of bees on the individual species DL guides as perhaps a better route given that I go with John's list of acceptable names, those then link to the "other" names list for a better cross-reference.  There will be qualifications there in terms of individual ideas about what are species and what are not, but it should be a more reasonable approximation of a current list of species than the Catalog.


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      Please respond to

      Re: [beemonitoring] Hymenoptera Catalog for North America north of Mexico now Online

      Sam: Users of John's List should be aware that the
      "Other Names" category is not a synonymic list but
      rather a species level list of all names applied to a
      particular taxon at the species level. It is agnostic
      as to whether the many subspecies listed under various
      species are "real" or not, either as subspecies or as
      valid species.



      --- Sam Droege <
      sdroege@...> wrote:

      > All:
      > This just came across another listserv and I thought
      > it would be useful
      > for many of you...
      > Note that this was published in 1979 and names
      > should be cross-referenced
      > against John Ascher's list on the Discoverlife Site
      > to make sure you are
      > using the most current information.
      > sam
      > Dear Colleagues,
      > I am pleased to announce the internet availability
      > of "Krombein, et al.,
      > (eds). 1979. Catalog of Hymenoptera in America North
      > of Mexico.
      > Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Volumes
      > 1-4". It can be
      > freely accessed at
      > <
      > The Smithsonian Institution provided this
      > contribution through the
      > Biodiversity Heritage Library project.
      > If you click on the image of the book that is above
      > the download
      > options, it will bring up a larger image of the
      > book. From there,
      > follow these instructions:
      > Turning Pages
      > 1. Click any page or use the arrow buttons to go
      > forward or back.
      > 2. Jump to a page by clicking page edges.
      > 3. Type "home" or "end" keys to jump to the
      > beginning or end of a book.
      > Searching a book
      > Enter query in the search box, Click "go". Search
      > results appear on
      > pages marked by yellow stickies.
      > Best regards,
      > Michael Ruggiero
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