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2880Re: [beemonitoring] Identifying pollen collected from bees

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  • Jack Neff
    Aug 19, 2013
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      The basic method is as Barbara indicates, you make a reference collection of flowering plants in your area which you use to compare with pollen you find on bees.  Unfortunately, species, generic and sometimes even family level ids of pollen are often quite diffcult unless you acetolylze your pollen, a rather nasty process which cleans up the grains the pollenkit so you can see the fine details of the exine.  SEM is now a very common way to go but again acetolysis is usually used to prepare the pollen.  Details and references are in "Practical Pollination Biology" by Dafni et al, 2005, Enviroquest Ltd and the older "Techniques for Pollination Biologists" by Kearns and Inouye, 1993 University of Colorado Press.


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      We did it by collecting the pollen from blooming flowers and comparing it with the pollen on bees we collected on the  flowers. The recipe for the gel with stain is in Inouye's pollen methods book.
      Barbara J Abraham, PhD
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      Subject: [beemonitoring] Identifying pollen collected from bees

      Dear all,

      I am interested in identifying pollen samples collected from bees.  I have looked at some resources on the internet, but I thought I would probe this listserve to see if anyone has had experience with that process, and therefore recommendations for resources (i.e. books, websites, people, etc.).

      Any advice on the collection methodology would also be gratefully received.

      Thank you very much for your time,
      Laura Russo

      PhD Candidate
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