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2835RE: [beemonitoring] Demise of the honey bee?

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  • Liz Day
    Aug 6, 2013
      >.... about 6 weeks ago a sign on his lawn went up warning of
      >'pesticide application.' On my wondering if 'pesticide applications'
      >locally might have something to do with the total absence of Monarch
      >larvae in the area, and the effect on bees, A. mellifera and
      >indigenous, my neighbor responded: "Oh, I was told that it is
      >specific for wasps, ants and mosquitos, and will not affect honey bees."

      My impression of companies that spray lawns is that their personnel
      are barely trained in their jobs, are hired mainly on their ability
      to operate the truck and the equipment, and have no background in
      horticulture or natural history. One such company fertilized my
      neighbor's bluegrass lawn during a prolonged drought in the heat of
      summer. Any horticulturalist would know not to fertilize plants that
      are under water stress, but I guess that wasn't part of their
      training. The lawn died from the treatment, and the company had to
      replace it all with sod at great expense.

      Indianapolis IN USA
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