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28New - Guide to U.S. and Canadian Bees of the Genus Perdita

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  • Sam Droege
    Dec 11, 2006

      Announcing the

      Guide to the Identification of the U.S. and Canadian Bees in the Genus Perdita

      East of the Mississippi River

      Rebekah Nelson and Sam Droege

      (With plenty of help from many museum collections and bee researchers throughout North America)

      Perdita males:


      Perdita females:


      More species specific text, pictures and illustrations will be added later.

      Questions and suggestions always welcome.

      Sam Droege  Sam_Droege@...                      
      w 301-497-5840 h 301-390-7759 fax 301-497-5624
      USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
      BARC-EAST, BLDG 308, RM 124 10300 Balt. Ave., Beltsville, MD  20705

      The Plover and the Clover can be told
           apart with ease,
      By paying close attention to the
           habits of the Bees,
      For ento-molo-gists aver, the Bee
           can be in clover,
      While ety-molo-gists concur, there
           is no B in Plover.
         -Robert Williams Wood - The Clover and the Plover

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