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2769Re: Call for Melissodes

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  • pollinator2001
    Jun 21, 2013
      --- In beemonitoring@yahoogroups.com, "Karen W. Wright" <karen@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I am in need of female Melissodes specimens for DNA and pollen work.

      I will send you some, if they ever show up. Echinacea is in full bloom, and only getting a few honey bees and very few B. impatiens.

      Up until two years ago, these blossoms would be covered with mainly Melissodes and bumble bees, often 2-3 per flower. Now bees are sparse, and Melissodes is so far absent.

      Two years ago, a nearby cotton field was sprayed in early August. Overnight we lost about 90% of the impatiens that were visiting, 100% of the B. pensylvanicus, 100% of the squash bees, and 95% of the Melissodes bees.

      Last year impatiens did recover a bit, but squash bees and pensylvanicus remained completely absent and Melissodes were very sparse. This spring I have had NO squash bees in my squash; two years ago I was getting 2-4 in each blossom in early morning checks.

      We have got to get proactive on these applications. The label directions to protect bees are routinely ignored when cotton is sprayed, and bees die by the billions in those fields every year.

      Coastal SC
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