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2767Fwd: Bee Cards! Get your Bee Cards - for Pollinator Week!

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  • Droege, Sam
    Jun 18, 2013
      Posted for Vicki Wojcik....


      Native Bee Cards for the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada

      This set of 24 cards explores the lives of native bees through “superpowers”, “lifestyles”, “copycats” and “meet the bees” series. Featuring macro photography and color-coded DNA barcode snippets, they're popular with all ages. Solitary and social bee physiology, nest building, and interactions with plants, animals and habitat are presented in an open-ended structure to promote creative approaches to sharing, teaching and exploring information about pollinators and their habitats.

      Featured species: Megachile inermis, M. pugnata, M. relative, M. rotundata, Osmia coervlescens, O. lignaria, Bombus affinis, B. griseocollis, and B. impatiens. To preview the contents of the 24 cards click here.

      Created by artists and scientists, Bee Trading Cards are a project of "Resonating Bodies”, a series of art installations and community outreach projects which focus on native bees and pollination ecology (resonatingbodies.wordpress.com).

      Decks of cards are provided for a suggested donation to cover shipping and handling.





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      Bees are Not Optional
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