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2764Call for Melissodes

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  • Karen W. Wright
    Jun 13, 2013
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      Hi everyone,

      I am in need of female Melissodes specimens for DNA and pollen work.

      I am looking for specimens collected in the past 6 or 7 years (the more
      recent, the better). Specimens that are net collected are ideal, as both
      the DNA and pollen loads are preserved. I am willing to perform
      identifications in exchange for retaining a few specimens of each species
      for my research.

      I am not interested in males or specimens that have been in water or 70%
      ethanol for more than a few hours (propylene glycol and 95% EtOH are
      acceptable). I do not need M. tristis or agilis. South American
      specimens are exceptionally valuable. Non-Melissodes eucerines are also
      welcome, but I cannot guarantee that I will be able to identify them to
      species. I will only take specimens that are properly pinned and labeled
      and if you have a spreadsheet with the data recorded, I can deliver the
      identifications faster, but this is not necessary.

      If anyone has specimens that fit the above criteria please contact me and
      I will do my best to work with your timelines for identifications.

      Thank you all in advance, Karen Wright

      PS. I am a PhD candidate at the University of New Mexico working on the
      evolution of diet breadth in Melissodes.
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