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2730Bees nesting in sand with photos

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  • BetsyKlinger
    May 22, 2013
    I'm attaching photos this time.  I don't know how to insert a link to the album.  I hope this works.  The album actually had eight photos.

    I'm hoping someone can identify this bee or suggest possibilities.  Excuse my terrible photography.   Photos of a specimen I caught as it was entering a nest hole are in the photo album titled Bees nesting in sand.

    - Slightly smaller than a honeybee and more slender.
    - Nesting in holes in the sand next to Maple Lake, a spring-fed swimming hole in Washington Grove (Montgomery County, MD)
    - Perhaps 100 + nests are scattered in about 50 square feet along the edges of white sand beach where sand and lawn blend.
    - Nests each have a hole that is about 1/2 in diameter, with a mound of sand around it.
    Lots of hovering around the holes.

    (Also, this little beach is the children's play area next to our swimming hole where the town children get free swim lessons every afternoon in July.  Although the bees are not at all aggressive, the past two summers a few children have experienced stings after stepping on them. Info on environmental benefits would be helpful in persuading the powers that be not to kill them and simply to tape the area off so children won't run across it. )

    Betsy Klinger

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