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2702Re: [beemonitoring] bees attracted to GPS receiver [1 Attachment]

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  • Doug Yanega
    Apr 16, 2013
      On 4/16/13 3:41 PM, Rob Irwin wrote:

      A survey crew in the Klamath mountains in California noticed a large
      number of solitary bees landing on their GPS receiving antenna. See the
      attached photograph. The bees arrived over the morning, landing on all
      parts of the GPS, but not on other equipment. The GPS antenna does not
      transmit signals but is an amplified receiver.

      Has anyone noticed bees being attracted to electronics? Maybe they are
      responding an electric field?

      The resolution on the photo isn't good enough to tell what kind of bees they are, though they are clearly over 1 cm long, and not carpenter bees; as such, they are likely to be honey bees. Is it possible that the antenna gives off some sort of odor? At the very least, a black pipe will give off heat.

      If you're genuinely curious, just plant one of those black pipes in the ground nearby, but do not mount an antenna on it. If similar number of bees land on it, then it is the pipe itself that is attracting them, perhaps as a substrate that elevates their body temperature.
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