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2692RE: [beemonitoring] pin sizes for bees?

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  • Cane, Jim
    Apr 15, 2013

      Peter, Gordon and others- I use 1s, 2s and 3s matched for bee size (don’t want to obliterate thoracic dorsum if a key then asks for its punctuation, as you note, Gordon).  Like you, Peter, I point the tinier stuff, or more commonly, I use Mich’s method of gluing them directly to the left side of the pin.  If I know that ID for the genus will be tricky for a wee one, I’ll also double mount a few of a series on minutens stuck into tiny corks pinned through a #2 or #3 pin.  If it is a megachilid, I spread at least one mandible 12-24 hrs after killing, and try to unfold at least one set of legs so that spurs and such can be seen.






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