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2646RE: [beemonitoring] Beetles who make holes for bees +

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  • jason graham
    Mar 25, 2013
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      Hi Tom,
      Here's a great resource for wood boring beetles:
      Also, check out www.ufnativebuzz.com for a citizen science project focused on tunnel-nesting solitary bees and wasps. 
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      Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 17:41:13 -0400
      Subject: [beemonitoring] Beetles who make holes for bees +

      Hello Friends,

      I have often read that native bees utilize the holes that beetles make in snags, and other woody stems, etc.. I am not an entomologist, but can anyone direct me to a list of Northeastern U.S. beetles that I can check out?
      It seems we need to know the habitat needs of these critters as well as the bees. 

      A second dream list, if I may since I have a talk coming up at an agricultural conference in August, would be a cross reference list of beetles that make holes for bees whose larva do, or do not, eat 
      agriculturally significant plants; beans, corn, squash, or beets, etc.. 

      Thanks so much,

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      Bee Habitat Education
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