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2510Re: [beemonitoring] CO2 and bumble bees

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  • Anita M. Collins
    Nov 11 5:31 PM
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      Honey bee queens are routinely anesthetized with CO2 for artificial insemination and then retreated a day later to help start oviposition.  with workers it does seem to remove short term memory, like location of nectar plants. 
      Anita Collins
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      On 11/10/12, elaineceleste<fuzzybumblebee@...> wrote:

      RE knocking bees out temporarily for ID......I remember some studies from the 90s that found increased larval ejection in bumble bee colonies following CO2 narcosis of workers. I haven't looked into this lately to know if people figured out all of what was going on there, but I've been avoiding its use to be on the safe side.

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