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2487Conservation status assessments for northeastern Bombus

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  • Matthew Schlesinger
    Nov 6, 2012
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      Dear colleagues,

      I write on behalf of NatureServe to seek assistance for a project we
      (NatureServe and 5 northeastern US natural heritage programs) are
      working on to assess the state-level conservation status (S-rank) of
      bumble bees in five northeastern U.S. states. As you know, these
      conservation status assessments are widely used by federal and state
      government agencies and other conservation practitioners.

      The project consists of working with the natural heritage programs in
      Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York to develop
      state bumble bee lists and to complete the state assessments for these
      species. These assessments are only as good as the information that
      goes into them. Can you help us with recent monitoring information or
      other sources of information about distribution, population, trend, and
      habitat, and/or can you point us to other people who do? Also, we’d
      like to know about any unpublished or recently published reports
      (written by you or others) that might not have come to our attention.
      We’ll share this information with the heritage zoologists of the
      corresponding states so they can follow up on leads and compile data to
      support their assessments.

      We’re excited to be able to add bumble bees to the list of
      invertebrate groups that these state heritage programs are tracking, and
      the potential conservation benefits this may bring. Thanks in advance
      for your help.

      Please reply to me offline: mdschles@....


      Matthew D. Schlesinger, Ph.D.
      Chief Zoologist
      New York Natural Heritage Program
      625 Broadway, 5th Floor
      Albany, NY 12233-4757
      office: (518) 402-8939
      NEW CELL: (518) 478-5261
      fax: (518) 402-8925
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