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242Genera and Andrena Keys are now all functional again.

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  • Sam Droege
    Mar 14, 2008


      Sam Droege  Sam_Droege@...                      
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      USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
      BARC-EAST, BLDG 308, RM 124 10300 Balt. Ave., Beltsville, MD  20705

      Elm Buds

      Elm buds are out.
      Yesterday morning, last night,
       they crept out.
      They are the mice of early
       spring air.

      To the north is the gray sky.
      Winter hung it gray for the gray
       elm to stand dark against.
      Now the branches all end with the
       yellow and gold mice of early
       spring air.
      They are moving mice creeping out
       with leaf and leaf.

               -Carl Sandburg
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