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2391Sealing pollen slides

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  • elaineceleste
    Sep 19 6:12 AM
      A note on sealing pollen slides.
      Nail polish leaches chemicals into the slide that mess with the grains if they are stored for long time periods. Ed Cushing at the U of MN experimented with many different sealing methods for the U of MN reference collection and he found latex paint to be the best. You can put the paint in a vial and use a tooth pick to paint along the edge of the cover slip.
      Ed's full explanation http://www.chrono.qub.ac.uk/inqua/news9/nl9-ejc.htm and an article too.
      Edward J Cushing Longevity of reference slides of pollen mounted in silicone oil Rev Palaeobot Palynol 164(1-2):121-131 (2011)

      Of course, if you are doing a quick demo and then tossing the slide, nail polish is fine.

      Nice presentation ideas, both the bees and the pollen.

      Elaine Evans
      PhD Student, Dept of Entomology
      University of Minnesota
      219 Hodson Hall, 1980 Folwell Ave
      Saint Paul MN 55108
      612-625-5764 evan0155@...
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