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2313Re: [beemonitoring] Sources for Plant Nectar

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  • David Inouye
    Sep 4, 2012
      I have a database with a list of species of flowers from which mosquitoes have been recorded, if that's of use.


      At 09:08 AM 9/4/2012, you wrote:


      I have been contacted by a mosquito researcher (see email correspondence below) regarding the availability of plant nectars for feeding mosquitos.  They have used artificial solutions in the past, but are interested in the possibility of obtaining real nectar.  I am not sure such things are available so if anyone knows they can send a message to the requesters (copied), but I think the topic is of general enough interest to send to the whole list (beemonitoring@yahoogroups.com) so please do.  I would also suppose their might be enough differences in plant nectars that the choice of nectar could be significant...sounds like a meaty discussion to me.


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