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2260Re: [Pollinator] Fwd: PNAS vol 109 June 12, 2012 pg 9471-9476

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  • David Inouye
    Jul 14, 2012
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      No, I'm not aware of any similar studies of Diptera and flowers.


      At 06:53 AM 7/14/2012, Peter Kevan wrote:
      Hello Peters!  Thank you for this posting.  Robert R. mentioned this work to me last time we met.  The instrumentation is elegant, as is the experimental design.  The capacity of honeybees to discern humidity/saturation-deficit is remarkable, but I don't remember that anyone has looked at that in terms of flower visiting although I think that Sally Corbet's work considers that aspect of their (anthophiles's) sensory capabilities.  We are resurrecting Fly Paper II, so I am asking if Tom Woodcock or David Inouye has come across any dipterological hints at the phenonomenononenon.  Again, we know that flies respond to moisture gradients (see the grand old book "The Hungry Fly").  Cheers,  Peter

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      Peter Raven sent the attached paper this morning.  Moths like it moist.



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