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2235How to Improve your Bee Netting Average

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  • Sam Droege
    Jul 3, 2012

      This year I was in the position of training a number of people to collect bees with a net as part of a pollinator web study in the Badlands of South Dakota, USA.  This was all well and good except that most of the participants had never used an insect net before (most were rather simple botanists, used to pressing flowers  that they found along roadsides between the pages of books).  This caused me to pay more attention to what I was actually doing while netting so that I could better teach others.  What I realized was that the natural tendency of the uninitiated novice was to blunder about amidst a flower patch and swing the net like club (or a cricket bat, which is really just a flat club) at something sitting on a flower while that something flew off unscathed.  

      So, to correct that we put out a video on how to catch a bee using the strike of a snake rather than the whiff of the bat.



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