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220Announcing the Handy Bee Manual

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  • Sam Droege
    Mar 3, 2008


      Many thanks for your suggestions to the recent bee pinning etc. document.  I have incorporated those, compiled that file with several other files that we have put together over the years, edited them, and created what I am calling the "Handy Bee Manual."  Something that I hope will be useful for those individuals who will be running inventory and monitoring program, who want to learn to identify bees, and who need to curate and label the resulting specimens and information.  At this point it is running to 45 pages and I plan to keep adding to it as new information and suggestions come in.

      It is currently available in the files section of the listserv web site.


      The file is about 2megs in size.  I also have the original WORD document that I can send to anyone who would rather have that format.

      Feel free to distribute, modify, and post this manual wherever you like and I am always eager for new sections, corrections, and suggestions.

      Many thanks for all the help on this community project.


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