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  • Brian Dykstra
    Jun 2, 2012
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      Dear all list-serve members:


      I am glad you have all chosen to "bee united" via the bee monitoring network here on yahoo,

      disseminating information and fostering discussions on the inventory and monitoring of bees and bee identification.  I am learning a lot from reading the emails.

      So thank you!

      I wish to share a facebook page I created - dedicated to human-bee relationships of a cultural nature -



      I call it "ethnobeeology" - I include posts on indigenous taxonomic categorizations of bees, songs, myths, thoughts and behaviors concerning bees around the world, and more.

      If that interests you check it out - I keep the occasional posts on topic, meaningful and relevant, so it will not clog your facebook page with irrelevant links.


      Thanks for reading.  And thanks for participating in a community of sharing about bee monitoring and identification.


      Brian Dykstra