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2152Another marking method

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  • Jerry_Freilich@nps.gov
    Apr 30, 2012
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      A recent interchange on the listserv discussed a new marking method for
      bees using microdots (Whitehead and Peakall 2012). I was very pleased to
      learn about the microdots but I thought the bee community might be
      interested in a useful technique I developed for my PhD work on stoneflies.
      In that work I individually tagged over 2000 Pteronarcys nymphs using tiny
      numbered tags attached with gel type superglue. The basic idea is to print
      a spreadsheet of numbers, photomechanically reduce it to tiny size, print
      it on plastic paper, and then attach with superglue. The method was
      developed for and tested on aquatic insects but works like a charm on
      aerial fliers. Gel-type super glue is particularly valuable and my paper
      describes various aspects of its use.

      (See attached file: Freilich 1989 JNABS Tagging.pdf)
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