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2130Re: [beemonitoring] ID?

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  • Leo Shapiro
    Apr 22, 2012
      I have a little colony with nests in the ground in a large space (open on two sides but heavily shaded) under my house in MD, just a few miles from where, I suspect, they were originally released (Beltsville?). I have never seen a black one. 

      Sam, why not get hold of some Japanese, MD, and European samples and have a look at their DNA? Or has this been done?


      On Apr 21, 2012, at 10:06 PM, Sam Droege wrote:


      Indeed it is A. plumipes...and they are not  black like many of the European/British individuals.  Their point of origin was Japan where they are lighter and were initially called A. pilipes.   Likely they should be split back to their original names.  This species is now quite common in the D.C. area and populations are growing rapidly.  At my house they have managed to build numerous nests in the mud walls of my house.,   

      Note that there are no records for Philadelphia or Baltimore yet! 


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      Thanks John (and Doug).  For what it's worth, Wikipedia says that females can be black or brown.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthophora_plumipes

      At 04:05 PM 4/21/2012, John Ascher wrote:

      I think it's an Anthophora plumipes female, one of the exotic species introduced by Suzanne Batra et al. of the USDA.


      From: beemonitoring@yahoogroups.com [beemonitoring@yahoogroups.com] on behalf of David Inouye [inouye@...]
       Saturday, April 21, 2012 3:00 PM
       [beemonitoring] ID?


      A gardener sent this photo, taken in Maryland.  Know what it is?  Looks like it has some spider web or something like that on a wing. 


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