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1952Lasioglossum groups

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  • Dennis E Johnson
    Feb 3, 2012
      Hi all,
      Can anyone explain to me the Lasioglossum groups. Are Sensu strictu all Lasioglossum that have only one weakened cross vein? Do all Evylaeus have two weakened cross veins and is this the deciding factor for this group? I have a female Halictidae that is in the Lasioglossum genus with two possibilities: L. cinctipes and L. leucozonium, but I have also selected and searched the character "Third transcubital vein only weakened". But, it allows both species even though L. cinctipes has two, I think. If I pick sub-genus Evylaeus it excludes L. leucozonium. If I pick sub-genus Lasioglossum then It excludes L. cinctipes. I'm confused. Thanks for help.

      Denny Johnson from WI
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