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1843Eucerine bees of Mesoamerica

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  • Peter Bernhardt
    Dec 8, 2011
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      Dear Colleagues:

      Please read the following message from A. Dorchin. If you think you can help this post-doc candidate please contact Dr. "Amots Dafni" <amots.dafni@...>. In particular, Dorchin is looking for appropriately collected specimens from Mexico and Central America.  

      Peter Bernhardt

      Dear colleagues,

      I would like to ask your kind help with obtaining eucerine bee species for my study.

      I am currently planning a Post-Doc project on the phylogeny of eucerines and on the evolution of their floral choice, ideally to be performed under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Muller at the ETH University in Zurich. For this project I would have to allocate representatives of as many eucerine taxa as possible. I am looking for people who ether collect bees in the field or have access to collections, especially of new world faunas, in which this group is highly diverse. I will be grateful to have freshly collected bees or to be addressed to potentially helpful colleagues. Anyhow, the bees should be collected using non-harmful techniques for DNA (like in cyanide killing jars or in ethanol) as to permit the application of molecular techniques for my desired phylogenetic study. In return I can provide any available bee taxa of interest from our diverse local, East Mediterranean fauna.

      Kind regards and many thanks in advance,


      Achik Dorchin