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182Re: [beemonitoring] cardboard tubes, various sizes and intro.

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  • Mark Kraemer
    Feb 8, 2008
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      Can't help with the tubes but can say that the earlist bees in Central
      Virginia near Petersburg (blue orchard bees and unknown species of
      Andrenid) have not emerged until March during the last 6 years. They
      usually emerge or are seen in mid-March. Overnight temperatures seem to
      need to hold above 9 degrees C for at least one night before BOBs
      emerge. Nest building starts the last week of March. We are probably
      in a slightly warmer winter climate than you. Thus, you should be OK
      with a late February set up.

      Mark Kraemer, Ph.D.
      Research Entomologist
      Virginia State University
      Petersburg, VA

      >>> mwilso14@... 2/8/2008 8:15 AM >>>

      My name is Michael Wilson. I'm a graduate student at the University of
      Tennessee, Knoxville and am doing a study on native bees in our area,
      primarily at cucurbit plantings. I'm glad to have found this group and
      have enjoyed reviewing the material.

      Part of my project is to put out various size trap nests in different
      areas to asses 'stick nesting' bee presence. Ideally, I would like a
      wide variety of diameter of cardboard tubes from 2mm - 10mm to use as
      explained in Practical Pollination Biology. I have some reed inter
      nodes, but not as many as I would like. We also routed out some boards
      to stack, but only have 2 different sizes of router bits to choose
      from and have been unable to find more bit sizes.

      Is there a reasonable place to buy a wide variety of cardboard tube

      The places I've seen on the internet either require bulk (very bulk)
      purchasing or only have the size for the Blue Orchard Bees. I may
      drill sticks and blocks or try and find some more reeds if I can't get
      a variety of tubes. Are there other options?

      Also, anyone know when putting out nests in my area, (East Tennessee)
      will be too late to get some species? I'm thinking as long as I have
      everything out by the end of February I'll be OK.

      Michael Wilson
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